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Reading Apprenticeship (RA) at Edmonds Community College: Home

Campus Coach

Melody Schneider
Faculty, Developmental Education
MUK 423 
(425) 640-1106

RA Learning Community

Reading Apprenticeship Spring Quarter Learning Community is held Thursday afternoons from 3-4:30 in MUK 119 from April 24th through June 12. Contact Melody Schneider for more information!

If you cannot commit to the FLC this quarter, but want more information on RA, contact Melody to set up short training sessions with folks in your area. Let me know.

Welcome to this site!

We all think students who attend college should be able to read just fine. However, research show us that 43% of students at EdCC take at least one developmental reading course. Clearly, we need to find new ways to help students engage in reading at a college level.  

How do we pay attention to the needs of our students when it comes to reading while being tasked to teach them biology or project management or math?  Reading well is the key to student success.  

Reading Apprenticeship offers strategies to help students develop reading skills while reading in context.   This is a different way of engaging students in reading. Students develop metacognitive skills - an awareness of how to approach different texts and of what strategies to use when reading different texts.  Students become owners of their reading.  The skills they learn through Reading Apprenticeship become their own.  

In content classes that use Reading Apprenticeship across EdCC campus - and across the country, students’ success rates increase.  Students read differently - they become engaged in reading.  The conversations elevate, they make connections between texts and ideas and other sources, and they ask questions!!    

This site is designed to support all faculty on campus in developing Reading Apprenticeship practices.  Whether you are simply curious or want to try one simple strategy, or are interested in exploring all RA has to offer, this site will help you.  

Reading for Understanding