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English 102: American Violence, with Pranab Kumar: Library Assignment #1

Find and Evaluate a Scholarly Journal Article

The purpose of this assignment is:

1. To help you locate scholarly articles published on your research topic. Scholarly articles are research studies and these types of articles can provide you with the evidence you need to support your paper's thesis. They will also give you some insight into the conversation taking place among academics on your topic. 

2. To give you experience searching the library databases (not Google) using keywords and the tools in the database.  NOTE:  You must use your Triton user name and password to login to the Library databases. If you have not set up your Triton account, go here.  If you need help, contact the IT Help Center or email me at

Let's get started!

► Step 1:  Watch the two videos below.

Video #1 will tell you of certain elements that characterize a scholarly article and how it is different than a non-scholarly (or popular) source. 

Video #2 provides in depth, step by step, instructions that will help you with this specific assignment.  

► Step 2:  Apply what you learned from watching the two videos and search one or more of the library databases to find the full text of a scholarly journal article.  Please search in one of the individual databases, such as ProQuest, Academic Search Premier, JSTOR.  They are listed on your resource guide in the box called Focused Search.  For this assignment, do not use One Search which is in the Search for Everything box.  For help, go to the Tips for Searching the Library Database page here

► Step 3:  Complete the worksheet below:  (Be sure to complete both pages)

► Step 4:  Submit the assignment in Canvas

Assignment is due by 11:59 pm on Friday, February 3

If you have any questions or problems with this assignment, contact me!

To be successful in the assignment:
  • You must have a research article from a scholarly/academic journal.  If you find an article and are not sure if it is scholarly, please email me before submitting your assignment.  Also, you may find a book review in a journal.  A book review is not the same as a research article so please do not use it for this assignment or as a source for your research paper.  If you do not use a scholarly/academic journal article, you will not receive any credit for this assignment.
  • You must use one or more of the library databases to find your article.  The periodical databases are listed on the eBooks and Articles page in your resource guide in the Focused Search box here. Do not use one of the open access journals or Google.
  • You must have the full text of the article.  Not every article in the library databases have the full text attached.  Be sure to check the box in the database for "full text" to ensure you have the full article.