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APA Citation Style Guide (6th): Magazines and Newspapers

Basic Citation Set Up

Author’s last name, initials. (year) Title of article. Name of magazine, Vol, Page number(s).  Retrieved from: http:// URL of database or website homepage

General Information

For magazines and newspapers, you need the following information:

•  author's name (last name, first initial)

•  date of article

  title of the article

  title of the magazine or newspaper (italics)

•  for magazines, include the volume and issue

•  for newspapers, use "p." or "pp." before the page numbers


Magazine article from ProQuest

Taibbi, M. (2010, December). A history of violence. Rolling Stone, 1119, 32. Retrieved from


Newspaper article from Ethnic NewsWatch

Ritvo, M. (2007, October 19). Changing the way teenagers give. Jewish Advocate, p. 18. Retreived from


Newspaper article on a website

Green, S. J. (2011, January 21). New Washington law increases punishment for pimps. The Seattle Times, Retrieved from 

Articles in print

If you have the actual copy of the publication in your hand, use the examples below:

Print magazine article


Wright, K. (2011, March/April). A chic critique. Psychology Today, 44(2), 54-62.


Print newspaper article



Green, S. J. (2011, January 21). Combating teen prostitution. The Seattle Times, pp. B1, B6.