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CSE Citation Guide: Scientific Journals


Formatting is important! 

√   Double-space within and between each entry.

√   The first line of each source starts at the left margin and all lines after are indented five space.  (Called a hanging indent)

For help, go to Tips on formatting here.

General Information

There are three ways of finding a journal article:

  in an electronic database, such as ProQuest, Academic Search Premier or Ethnic NewsWatch

  on a journal's website

  print copy of the publication

Citation information includes:

Author, publication date, article title and journal title. 

Journal titles should be abbreviated. Use the CASSI Search Tool to find the correct abbreviation for your journal.

Example: Journal of Clinical Pharmacy & Therapeutics becomes: J Clin Pharm Ther.

Journal article found online


Author(s) last name first initial. Date of publication. Title of article. Title of journal. [date accessed];Volume(issue):pages. URL. 


Scholarly Journal Article

Patel RM, Shulman ST. 2015. Kawasaki disease: a comprehensive review of treatment options. J Clin Pharm Ther. [accessed 2017 May 1];40(6):620-625.

Steve KM, Perry CH, Nelson MD, Healey SP, Hill AD, Moisen GG, Cohen WB, Gormanson DD, Huang C. 2011. Ecological importance of intermediate windstorms rival large, infrequent disturbances in the Northern Great Lakes. Ecosphere. [accessed 2011 Feb 12];2(1):2-4.

Penman B, Gupta S. 2008. Evolution of virulence in malaria. J Biol. [accessed 2008 Nov 4];7(22).

Journal article in print

If you are using an article that you found in the hard copy of the journal (which means you are holding the complete journal in your hand), leave off any information that refers to the internet. 


Reznick DN, Ricklefs RE. 2009. Darwin's bridge between microevolution and macroevolution. Nature. 457(7231):837-842.