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Avoiding Plagiarism - A Guide for International Students: Plagiarism Policy at Edmonds College

Edmonds CC Student Academic Honesty Policy



Edmonds College Student Code of Conduct PoliciesAcademic misconduct and dishonesty - section 3.(a)(ii)

3. Student Misconduct

The college may impose disciplinary sanctions against a student who commits, attempts to commit, aids, abets, incites, encourages or assists another person to commit, an act(s) of misconduct, which includes, but is not limited to, any of the following:

(a) Academic Dishonesty. Any act of academic dishonesty including, but not limited to:

(ii) Plagiarism including, but not limited to, presenting or submitting another person’s, entities’, and/or sources’ ideas, words, or other works in an instructional course without assigning proper credit.


Students are expected to be familiar with the following policies:

These are provided by the Center for Student Engagement & Leadership and printed in the student handbook.


Possible Discipline for Plagiarism

At Edmonds College, the discipline for any kind of plagiarism can include:

  • not receiving credit for the assignment
  • not receiving credit for the course
  • informing the Vice President for Student Services who may decide that you have to quit school at Edmonds CC for awhile or permanently, based on the policies and procedures of the college.


If you are not sure, DON’T DO IT!