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PHYS 110 with Dr. Will Hamp: San Joaquin River Valley Project: Policy Memo Resources

Facts or Opinions?

Remember: The key to this assignment is distinguishing between data and the interpretation of that data (opinion). For each source you use, make sure you know! If you have any questions or need help, please email Haley ( 


Articles can make a complicated situation easier to understand, but you need to read carefully to determine what information is trustworthy. For each of these articles, consider:

Source: Is it a report? A newspaper article? If it is a newspaper article, is it an informative article or an editorial (opinion piece)? 

Author: What are their credentials (are they an expert)? What is their bias? Are they located in Northern or Southern California? How does that effect their bias?

Date: Have there been significant changes to the situation since the article was published?

Data Sources

Data sources provide key facts, but can be difficult to interpret. Use the articles to help understand the situation, but back up your own argument with factual information.