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STEM 101: Careers in STEM: Choosing Class Readings

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Brainstorm KEYWORDS to help you search. When you start, you may not have many ideas, but as you find sources you will find more keywords - skim titles and subjects for keywords to add to your keyword bank.

Example Topic: Genetically Modified Foods


  • GMO
  • genetically modified organisms
  • genetically engineered foods
  • biotechnology
  • genetic modification
  • genetic engineering
  • transgenic
  • transgenic animals
  • labeling
  • gene transplantation
  • malnutrition
  • golden rice

Finding Popular Articles

Using a secondary source article can help the class get an overview of a complex topic. Check out these sites for credible secondary articles.

Finding Scholarly Articles

Scholarly Primary Source Articles give detailed, specific and technical information about a narrow topic. Consider assigning the class one longer scholarly article to show the type of research being done on your topic.

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