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SOC& 201: Social Problems: Research: Web Sites

Evaluating Websites

Before you use a website as source for this course, ask yourself: Am I getting FACTS or am I CRITIQUING OR ANALYZING this site/post? If you are using a website for factual information make sure it's CREDIBLE by taking it through the CRAP test: 


How recent is the information? Has the site been updated/maintained? How much does the date of the resource matter for your topic?



What kind of information is included? Is it biased or balanced? Does the resource give a citation or source material?



Can you determine the author, creator, or publisher? What are their credentials?



Is the source fact or opinion? Is the domain regulated (only .edu & .gov)? How much of the site is ads? Do they relate to the information being presented? Why  does the resource exist?

Not sure if a website is credible? Email your librarian ( for help!

Use Websites for Statistics

Need statistics to support your argument? Try doing a Google Site Search for government websites:

Type your keywords followed by (also try .edu). This tells Google to just return sites on the .gov domain - a great way to find credible websites with factual information you can cite in your research.

Websites for Statistics: