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ENGL& 102: Political Protest and Social Movements, with Dan Hurley: Explore Topic Ideas

Exploring topic ideas

News and magazine articles, reports, videos and audio programs are great places to discover ideas for your research topic.  Sometimes a headline or title can spark an interest in an issue or topic and become a starting point in your research process.  Use the resources listed below to explore potential topics for your paper.  The various resources listed below are not scholarly sources but they are from credible sources. 

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Need help with your research topic? Here are some suggestions:

► Search in Opposing Viewpoints in Context.  For the topics listed below, the 'Overview' article is a good source for basic information, such as background, important events, dates and organizations or individuals. Be sure to scroll down and check out the 'Related Topics' listed at the bottom of each topic area.

► Check out these TedTalk playlists:  The Power of Protests and Revolutionary Women

► Think about readings and discussions you are having in class.