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International Education Week (IEW): Welcome

An initiative of the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Education, IEW promotes global learning and study abroad.

What is International Education?


When students study abroad in a country other than their own, they are engaging in international education. There are a great many benefits to studying abroad, including gaining a more global perspective, learning other languages, and experiencing other cultures. These opportunities can be attractive to employers, as well, as we move to a more global economy.

Culture Talk - Nov 15, 2021

Each quarter, Global Engagement at Edmonds College highlights different culture/country groups in a student panel format.

The complete Culture Talk Series videos can be found here.

International Education Week at Edmonds!

International Education Week 2023 takes place November 13-17, during which Edmonds promotes international understanding and builds support for international educational exchange with many culturally informative events.

To see what events are scheduled at Edmonds,

click Here or on the poster below.


International Night!

Each year, Edmonds hosts  International Night, where student performers from countries across the globe showcase their talents and provide the opportunity to learn about and gain respect for other cultures.


International Night 2020!

International Night 2019!


International Night 2018!


International Night 2016!

Indo Club Performance