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SHS 216: Counseling Theories: Counseling Video Paper

Assignment Introduction

The best way to get a sense of specific counseling theories is to watch them in action! There are a number of videos available with therapists demonstrating the techniques from various theories, and then providing insight into the application of their theory. Your instructor has chosen specific videos that you can watch from a company called which follow this format. Each one includes a brief explanation of the therapist’s theoretical orientation, a session with an actual client, and a “talk-back” about what happened during the session. Please only choose videos from the lists that are provided.

For this activity, you will view a video and then write a short paper on your reactions to the therapist. You might need to look ahead in your textbook to determine which one you want to choose. Your instructor has also put short clips from many of the videos in the Counseling Video Paper module in Canvas to help you decide.