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ANTH& 204, Archaeology with Alicia Valentino: Extra Credit Assignment: Peer-Reviewed Papers

If you intend to complete the extra credit assignment, your Librarian, Haley Benjamins ( is here to help! Reach out with questions or to set up a one-on-one virtual research consultation.

Step One: Choose a Theory

In addition to Chapter 6 of your book, this ebook has information about Archaeological Theories that you can choose from

Theories from the assignment page:

New Archaeology,
Interpretive archaeology,
Aerial prospection, and

Once you have a theory or two you would like to explore, you can search for scholarly articles that employ your theory.

Step Two: Find & Read a Journal Article

1. Search a Library Database for a scholarly article

TIP: Check the Full Text and Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) boxes to make sure you get an article that will work for this assignment

2. Search Google Scholar for an open access journal article

TIP: Not all results will be full-text, but you can get lucky! Look for PDFs linked on the right of the search results

3. Get help deciphering your article

TIP: Journal articles are written by scholars, for scholars. They use difficult, subject-specific language and may need to be read multiple times, using outside tools, to be understood. Don't give up, ask for help, and utilize some of the resources below: