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History 147 with Sara Davis: Digital Artifact Project: Topic Ideas and Sources


Topic Ideas

Not sure what to research for your Digital Artifact Project? Try these techniques for coming up with an interesting topic:

  • Browse the Table of Contents of an ebook (see box above) or your textbook
  • Search Google for 19th century "united states" and a topic/theme of interest to you like politics, women, sports, discoveries, etc.
    • Example: 19th century "united states" inventions
    • Click on an article titled "Inventions and Discoveries" - browse for ideas like: the Telegraph, the Typewriter
  • Browse the Primary Source sites linked on this page
    • Pick a date and look at the cover of a newspaper on that date - what was going on in history that would make a good topic?
    • Look at letters or other personal correspondence from a specific period - what was important to people? How did big events (wars, politics, technological advancements) affect individual lives?
  • Read the suggested articles on this page for more ideas
  • Reach out! Email Haley at