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ENGL& 102: Making Reality: The Media, Society and Perception, with Rob Harrill: What's Your Topic? Get inspired.

Explore topic ideas

News and magazine articles, reports, videos and audio programs are great places to discover ideas for your research topic.  Sometimes a headline or title can spark an interest in an issue or topic and become a starting point in your research process. Explore some of the resources suggested below to find inspiration for your research topic.

Need help finding a topic?

Time to come up with a  topic for your research paper. Here are some sources that may give you some ideas:

► Go to the database, Opposing Viewpoints in Context.  Look at the Browse Issues list for a issue that interests you or search by a descriptive keyword. The pages on Mass Media​ and Media Bias are good starting points.  Be sure to look at the list of "Related Topics" on the pages for more ideas.

► On the websites page

  ** browse through articles and headlines of some of the groups listed in the Media Groups box.

  ** look through the issues and reports from the Pew Research Center

► Go to Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting.  On the homepage, look through the list of articles or click on Issues and Topics to focus on specific articles.

► Scan the topics discussed in the Media Matters and On the Media podcasts and listen to the programs that interest you.

► Think about readings and discussions you are having in class.

Need more help?

Contact me!  You can reach me through your Canvas class or email me directly at