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MGMT 275: Business Strategies: Cite Your Sources

Resource guide for MGMT 275 class

Citing Mergent Intellect & Business Insights

Since there are no authors or editors named in Mergent Intellect or Business Insights, there are two ways to cite a report
Option 1:  Begin the citation with the title of the section of the report being cited.
"Financial Details - Income Statement 2019." Starbucks Corporation. Mergent, Inc, Jan. 2021. Mergent Intellect,

Option 2:  Begin the citation with Mergent, Inc. as the corporate author.

Mergent, Inc. "Financial Details - Income Statement 2019." Starbucks Corporation, Jan. 2021. Mergent Intellect,

Follow the same two options for citing Business Insights.

In-text citations

There are different ways of setting up an in-text citation. It will depend on the information you include in your sentence. For examples, go to this page.

Avoid plagiarism

What is plagiarism?

• Using someone else's words, opinions or ideas without giving credit to the source;

• Using facts, statistics, graphics, drawings, or any other type of information that is not considered common knowledge without giving credit to the source.

• Paraphrasing someone else's words without giving credit to the source.

• Giving credit to the source" means naming, or citing, the source from which the borrowed material comes.

Plagiarizing is a violation of academic integrity.  It can lead to very serious consequences, ranging from failing an assignment to failing a class and/or other disciplinary measures.  The best way to avoid plagiarism is to cite your source in the format specified in your English 102 course.  When in doubt, ask your instructor or a librarian.

For more insight, go to our Avoiding Plagiarism guide.  This is an excellent resource with videos, online tutorials, even quizzes that will help you understand what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid.