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English 111: Introduction to Literature: Library Group Project

Resource guide for course taught by Nancy Kennedy

Finding Academic Journals & Articles

Use the library databases below to complete your Library Group Project.


•  To find literary journals, look for a tab or link on the search screen of the database for Publications and search by subject or keyword.  Using the keyword 'literature' should get you a list of literary journals.

•  To find academic articles with historical or biographical information, do a keyword search. 

For help with searching, go to the Tips for Searching page.

Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography for this course entails listing sources with their full bibliographic information according to MLA guidelines along with short paragraphs in which you summarize how the sources provide significant historical or biographical information relate to the author(s) or poet(s) assigned to your group. Think of your audience as your classmates: how useful might your notations be for your Discussion Board responses during Week 4; or, how useful might they be for future college level assignments that call for historical/biographical analysis.

For more help: