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History 112 Roman History with Katie Simonton: Find Books & eBooks

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Use One Search to find books, articles and films in one search.

NOTE: After entering your search terms, click the "Search" button to generate your results. Do not use the "Enter" key on your keyboard.

Google Books

You can search the full text of millions of books with Google Books. You might find book previews, full books freely available online, or find titles to get from another library.

Google Book Search

Other libraries

Did you know, as a student at Edmonds Community College, you can go to other community colleges in our area and check out books?  You can also look for books at your local public library.  (Be sure to sign up for a library card, if you don't already have one!)

Suggestions for searching the Catalog

Finding books in the library:

*Begin with BROAD search terms:

A search for "how women behaved in ancient rome" will return ZERO results. Think about the main points and use those as keywords.

Combine keywords with AND:

women AND rome

*Don't include little words like "the," "of," "in" etc. - they will skew your results

*Don't give up! The library catalog works differently than other searches you may be used to - keep trying different keywords.

*Create keywords by brainstorming synonyms for your main ideas:

rome but also: ancient, classic, roman, roman empire, imperium romanium, pax romana, etc.

women but also: gender, females, girls, marriage, domestic, gender roles, sex roles, etc.

*Need help finding keywords? Ask a Librarian.

*Once you find a book you want, write down the CALL NUMBER. It will begin with a letter or letters like this:


    Suggested Books