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Edmonds College Read: You've Got It All Wrong: Resources for Faculty

Using the Community Read

You've Got It All Wrong presents a unique opportunity to engage our students with a text that is relevant to their lives, local, and cuts across all disciplines. We encourage all faculty to consider how they might use the Community Read and the Campus Theme Intersections this year. 

Interested in using the Community Read in one of your courses? Please contact your librarian for ideas, resources, and support:

Meryl Geffner

Haley Benjamins

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If you need help using the Community Read, please contact your librarian!

Assignment Ideas

Consider having students do one of the following assignments with their FREE copy:

  • Write his or her own narrative about a formative/traumatic moment in his or her life
  • Choose one of the narratives and explore the issues discussed in it through research
  • Rewrite one of the narratives, helping the narrator to make a different choice, ask for help, etc.
  • Write a fictional narrative of a character or historical figure, in the style of You’ve Got it All Wrong
  • Imagine a classmate wrote [choose a narrative] and write how knowing they had gone through that experience would affect his or her feelings about the classmate
  • Choose one of the narratives and compare it with his or her own high school/family experience
  • Choose two narratives and discuss how they have similar issues/causes

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