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Recommended Reading: IESL Readers

Finding books to read...

How do I find a book to read?

This page has lists of books that other Level 4 & 5 students recommend for your outside reading.  To get one of these books to read:

  1. Look at the boxes on this page to find the kind of books you like to read. Each box has a different genre (kind) of book.
  2. Next, read the summary of a book to find out the story of the book.
  3. Next, read the recommendation(s) to find out what other students think about the book.
  4. Then write down the call number of the book you want to read so you can find the book in the library's fiction collection or ESL 3 Reader collection. (There are some level 4 & 5 readers mixed in with the Level 3 Readers.)  Use this map of the library to find the Fiction and ELS Level 3 collections.





Information Books

Romance Books


Humor and "Real Life" Stories

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Folklore