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ENGL& 102:Technology and Society, with Ann Modzelewski: What's your topic? Get inspired!

Exploring topic ideas

News and magazine articles, reports, videos and audio programs are great places to discover ideas for your research topic.  Sometimes a headline or title can spark an interest in an issue or topic and become a starting point in your research process.  Use the resources listed below to explore technology-related issues.  The various resources listed below are not scholarly sources but they are from credible sources. 

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Articles and short reports

► Explore the topic entries for Technology and Society, Social Media, and Medical Technology in the library database: Opposing Viewpoints.

►  Browse the headlines and articles from MIT Technology Review (click on the "Topics" link to focus on a specific aspect of technology) and from Wired Magazine.  On the Wired website, you can focus on articles in these areas: Medicine, Engineering, and Social Media

► Look at articles and reports from Pew Research Center: Internet & Technology.

► Search the entries in the online subject encyclopedia Encyclopedia of Social Networks.

► Search in Opposing Viewpoints in Context using keywords such as internet, social media, e-books, gaming