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ENGL& 102: Fairy Tales, Folktales, Myths, and Legends, with Martha Nagel: Explore Topic Ideas

Finding a research topic

Looking for a topic for your research? Here are some suggestions:

- Explore the website, Sur La Lune, for a summaries, essays and theme ideas

- Stream audio programs and speeches

- Look at the articles listed on the websites page

- Think about readings and discussions you are having in class.

- Browse the entries in one of the ebooks listed here

- Brainstorm with classmates or your instructor.

- Come talk to me!

Using a reference source

Use a reference source, such as a subject encyclopedia or dictionary, to get started with your research.  A subject encyclopedia can help you:

- Get background information on your topic, along with some basic facts, such as names, dates, places, events.

- Identify terms and vocabulary to create well-focused searches.

- Look for bibliographies and suggested readings to locate additional resources on your topic.