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Ohio State Normal College practice teaching group 1916

Welcome to the Faculty Development Resource Guide, your resource for books, articles, websites, videos, and blogs on the art and practice of teaching and learning.  The guide is organized by topics which, based on our surveys and your feedback, are high on your list of areas you want more information and discussion.  These areas are not mutually exclusive so books or articles listed on one page can easily apply to another.

Ohio State Normal College practice teaching group 1916
Image source: Wikimedia

Faculty development at Edmonds College

Providing Opportunities and Supporting Faculty

The mission of the Faculty Development Program is to advance student learning and to strengthen teaching, learning and assessment by providing opportunities and support for faculty to achieve excellence, promote collaboration, and encourage instructional innovation.

For calendar of events and more information, visit the

Faculty Development Site

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This is a living and collaborative document.  We will add resources on a regular basis and encourage you to contribute sources.

We hope you will bookmark the site and refer to it for inspiration, encouragement and practical advice. 

To contribute, please send titles and links to:  Meryl Geffner at