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DIVST 100: Book Club Final Project Resources: In a Day's Work

"If silence dominated before, we cannot allow it to prevail now." - Bernice Yeung, In a Day's Work

Here are some selected resources that you may want to use in your presentation. Interested in a topic not covered? Want additional sources? Send Haley an email ( and she will be happy to help! Or Chat with a Librarian 24/7.

In a Day's Work book cover

Key Issues/Keywords

  • sexual violence
  • sexual assault / rape /sexual harassment
  • #metoo
  • migrant workers
  • undocumented immigrants
  • power dynamics
  • misogyny
  • labor laws
  • unions / labor organizing
  • domestic workers
  • farm labor
  • poverty
  • low-wage work

Library Resources: ebooks and films

Sexual Violence