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Diversity Studies 100 with Ashley Pickard: Just Like Us

"Fortune handed me a messy braid of narratives, spliced together by bizarre connections. In the end, though, this is what immigration is like: inherently messy. The issue bleeds. And we are all implicated." - Helen Thorpe, Just Like Us

Here are some selected resources that you may want to use in your presentation. Interested in a topic not covered? Want additional sources? Send Haley an email ( and she will be happy to help! Or Chat with a Librarian 24/7.

Just Like Us

Just Like Us by Helen Thorpe

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Key Issues/Keywords

  • immigration reform
  • DACA / DREAMers
  • undocumented students
  • college access
  • police and immigration status enforcement
  • deportation
  • education system
  • gun violence
  • undocumented workers
  • sanctuary cities

Library Resources: ebooks & films