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ANTH& 206 Cultural Anthropology with Ashley Pickard: Cultural Experience & Ethnography (Mid Term Project)

Cultural Event Ideas

For this assignment, you get to imagine what cultural event you would attend, so you have freedom to choose something you are truly interested in. Need ideas?

  • Check the assignment sheet for a list (EC Pow Wow, Shabbat dinner, etc)
  • Ask friends or family who belong to a different religion or culture what events are important to them
  • Search Google for events or cultural events plus the name of a place, religion, culture, age group, year or venue
    • Examples: cultural events chicago, cultural events seattle 2018, events el centro de la raza, events judiaism
  • Reach out! Email Haley ( for help

Videos to Inspire

While you are not required to actually complete an ethnographic study during COVID, it is interesting to see that Anthropologists world wide are grappling with how to do ethnography remotely!

Here are some video examples of ethnographic studies, strategies, and things to consider: