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SOC& 101: Intro to Sociology, with Nomita Yadav: Diversity in the News

undefinedThis page will help you find a current news article related to diversity.  You can find an article by searching a library database, such as ProQuest or NewsBank,  or browsing the website of major news sources.  I have provided links directly to a few of the major media outlets.

Newspapers Online Through the Library

Try our database NewsBank.  Search for articles in the Seattle Times and news sources around the country.

You can also search special collections within ProQuest.  Your results will be fewer if you use one or more of the databases below but they are great resources for this assignment.

News Sites

Below are links to the homepage of major news sources.  Type a keyword, such as diversity or race and health, in the homepage search box to find articles.

How to Search the Library Databases

Watch the video for tips on how to effectively search the library databases, especially ProQuest, for news articles.

Tips for Searching NewsBank

There are two ways to focus your results just on newspapers in NewsBank: 

1. On the home page, add your search term(s) in the box and search. When you get your list of results, to the left of the list of articles are options for filtering your results.  Scroll down to "Source Type" select "Newspapers."  You can also select "News wire."  Both will give you news articles only and eliminate journals and other types of sources.
2. From the home search page, instead of starting their search, click on "More Search Options."  From here, scroll to the bottom and select "USA News  Sources" or "Washington News Sources" or any of the other ones.  Once you select one of those links, you will get a search screen where you can put in your keyword(s).  By selecting a collection of only news sources, you will not get journals, magazines or other source types.