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Art 150, 151, 152: Painting I, II, III: Off Campus Log On

To access the databases from off campus

Current Edmonds CC students, faculty and staff can access these databases from off-campus with proper identification.

1. Go to the Edmonds CC Library website

2. Select Research Resources

3. Click on the Library Databases tab and search alphabetically or by subject for the database you wish to use (ProQuest, etc.)

4. A Dialog box will appear asking for your last and your student ID number. Fill these in as such:

EdCC  ID#:   [your student/staff ID #]
LAST NAME:  [your full last name]

EdCC ID#:     955999999
LAST NAME:   Smith

Having trouble getting into the databases from off campus?

If you are a current Edmonds CC student or employee and cannot access one or more of the Library's licensed databases listed on this page from off-campus, try these troubleshooting tips for possible solutions:

1. The Library's databases and other online resources are available to you only from the Library Databases page and course libguides.  This is because the Library's computer network must verify you as a current Edmonds CC student or employee.

2. All Online Library Resources require your Student or Staff ID (SID) number for login (except for CollegeSource Online which is not available from off-campus).  Be sure you are typing your login information correctly.  (See above for login directions.)

3. If you have entered your information correctly and still cannot access the Library Databases, you may want to check with the Library to be sure your Library account contains your current information (e.g. your name and SID). Call the Reference Desk at 425-640-1472 and provide the librarian with your current information. S/he will check your Library account and either verify the information you've provided or let you know we show different information in your Library account. If the Library has a different SID number for your account than the one you provide, the librarian will not be able to give you the SID number listed in your Library account. You must request that information from the Enrollment Services Office at 425-640-1459.

4. Firewall software protects your computer from hackers and viruses. Unfortunately firewalls can also block some types of web access in the process of maintaining a high level of security. Your firewall or other anti-virus systems must be set to allow the databases access to your computer. To find out how to do this, contact the tech support service for your anti-virus company.

5. A cookie is a packet of information that allows the Online Resource to identify you as a current Edmonds CC student or employee each time you access the Resource. Your computer must be set up to accept "cookies" as this is a requirement for the off-campus access process.

If your computer does not accept cookies, you will need to set it so that it will permit cookies to be placed on your computer. You can sometimes do this through the "Preferences" or "Internet Options" link on your browser (e.g. Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.) If you are unsure about how to do this you may want to contact your computer service provider.

If your computer does accept cookies, you may have some existing cookies that are interfering with the login process. One solution may be to delete all your cookies, close your browser and then re-open it and try again.

6. Some Internet Service Providers (the company you use for Internet access) may have a customized version of the Internet Explorer browser or other restrictions that cause difficulties accessing Online Library Resources. We suggest you contact your Internet Service Provider for information on their security settings.

If none of these options work for you, you may contact us 425-640-1472, and we can test your login information and try some internal troubleshooting for you.

PLEASE NOTE: The Library can only resolve problems within the Library computer system. We cannot resolve problems with personal computers and Internet Service Providers.