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SOC 220 Sociology of Deviance: Pre-Searching

Focusing your Topic

Choosing a Topic

Before you begin to search, think about your topic idea(s) and ask yourself if you can properly address it in a 7-10 page paper. Alcohol Abuse is a huge topic that you couldn't tackle in a paper of that size, but you could narrow and focus it to: 

racial disparity in treatment for alcohol abuse in the United States 

Other examples might be:

Too Broad More Focused

public library policies on viewing pornograhy

depictions of BDSM in popular media


job-seeking and hiring of tattooed former offenders

social attitudes towards tattooed women


Once you have a narrowed topic, identify the main ideas 

Then, brainstorm synonyms for those terms.

Main Idea Keywords
alcohol abuse treatment in-patient programs, rehab, rehabilitation centers, detox, court-ordered treatment programs, Alcoholics Anonymous, alcohol use disorder, alcohol-induced disorders, naltrexone
racial disparity ethnic disparities, underrepresented populations, minorities, urban, suburban, low-income, discrimination, ethnic disparities, african americans, latinos, ethnic groups
united states america, us, washington state, american, western, national