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SOC 220 Sociology of Deviance: Find Web Resources

Evaluating Websites

Unsure if a website is credible? Give it the CRAP test!:

C - Currency




How recent is the information? Has the site been updated/ maintained? How much does the date of the resource matter for your topic?

R - Reliability



What kind of information is included? Is it biased or balanced? Does the resource give a citation or source material?

A - Authority


Can you determine the author, creator, or publisher? What are their credentials?

P - Purpose





Is the source fact or opinion? What is the domain (.edu or .com etc.)? How much of the site is ads? Do they relate to the information being presented? Why does the resource exist?


Finding Resources on the Web

Not all web resources are created equal! Only .gov and .edu domains are regulated - which means not just anyone can get one. How do you just get results from these sites? Try a Google Site Search!

Go to Type in your search term(s) followed by like this:

You can also do this from Google's Advanced Search (