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Resources for Students Formerly Involved in the Justice System: Public Libraries


Why public libraries?

Public libraries are one of the most powerful and supportive resources you can tap into to achieve your goals.  Amazingly, they are one of the last places that anyone can go without having to pay admission, become a member, purchase anything, or even having a specific purpose in order to use the space and its services and resources.  You actually don’t even have to talk to anyone if you do not want to and you can stay as long as you want during their open hours.

In addition, public libraries are learning communities, created to serve and support you with resources, services, librarians and other information professionals to help you with whatever your information need may be. There are computers and WiFi service to help you search for information as well as print and online books, videos, music, articles and more, and all of it is free to you as a library user.  Oh, and the library card is also free!

Below is a huge list of libraries in the greater Puget Sound area to help you find and get to know your public library.  Which one is yours? Use it to help you build your knowledge and self-empowering skills as you work to achiever your goals!



North Sound

South Sound