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OER: Open Educational Resources: What are OER

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Your librarians can help you locate, evaluate and use open resources.  Contact your liaison.


Many thanks to the librarians at Spokane Community College.  Much of the content for this resource guide has been taken from SCC's guide: OER: Open Textbooks and other Open Educational Resources. Additional inspiration and resources have been taken from the University of Washington OER Guide

What are Open Educational Resources?

Open Educational Resources or OERs (including open textbooks) are any content which is:

►   openly available (can be readily found or discovered)

►   openly accessible (exists in a form which others can readily use)

►   openly reusable  (faculty can easily modify & license allows editing/reuse)

In order to be considered an open educational resource, the material must allow users to engage in the "5 R's" listed here

If you have more time, this webinar from UNESCO is about one hour but gives more detail and info about "How to OER."