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Christine Kobayashi 

International Education Division

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Please note that this is a work-in-progress which will expand over time as requests emerge. 

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History of this Initiative

Since the Fall of 2012, the International Education Division has made a faculty member available to consult with staff (and discipline faculty) who would like assistance in working with students on our campus who are non-native speakers of English.  This library resource guide symbolizes the International Education Division's desire to support both staff and faculty on this campus.   

Food for Thought....

Edmonds College has the fifth largest international student population among all colleges and universities in Washington State and the twelfth largest international student population of all community colleges in the country. 
(2014 Open Doors Fact Sheet: Institute for International Education).


According to reports from the U.N. in 2010, one in thirty-three people works in a country that is not their birth country. 

Vivian Cook wrote in 1999 (in TESOL Quarterly) that by best estimates there are about 1 billion non­native speakers in the workplace alone!