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Library Tutorial for JOBDev 100

ASAP Evaluation

Now that we know about how search results are generated, we can start to think about how to sift through our search results and choose relevant and credible sources from our results lists. Evaluating sources is a critical skill that you need in your academic life, as well as your professional and personal life.  At every stage, you want to ensure that the information you find is valid and trustworthy. 

1. WATCH: 2 minute video from Edmonds Library about the ASAP method of evaluation.

2. PRACTICE: Use the ASAP method to evaluate these two websites. Take notes about what you can find out about the Authority, Sources, Age, and Purpose of each site. 

ASAP Evaluation Practice

1. WATCH & COMPARE: What did you write in your notes about the two websites? Watch the video to reveal the key information you should have discovered in evaluating these websites.