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Library Tutorial for JOBDev 100

Source Types & Library Resources

There are many different types of sources, including books, ebooks, documentaries, news and magazine articles, websites, scholarly journal articles, social media sites.  Many of these you can find freely available on the web but some source types cost money (newspapers and magazines, journal articles, books, ebooks, documentaries). As a student, you don't have to pay for these sources, you can access them for free through the library!

freely available web content versus library resources available through OneSearch

Why does it matter?

Since the library resources you have access to are not freely available on the web, you need to know how to access them. Millions of articles, films, books, and other resources are available 24/7 from any computer, as long as you are an Edmonds College student. They are accessed through library databases like ProQuest, Kanopy, and Business Insights.  You can search for them individually or all at once using our library search tool, OneSearch.

ONE SEARCH + Library Databases = High quality resources, free to use, available anytime.