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Library Tutorial for JOBDev 100

Using keywords

1. WATCH: Two-minute video from Augustana Library on Key Concepts and Keywords.

Why does it matter?

This quarter, you  will have a group project where your group will pick a topic related to business or careers.  Once your  group has selected a topic, make a list of the search terms that you think will get you the most relevant results.

EXAMPLE: Your group has decided to explore a trend in the area of Culinary Arts.  The trend your group has identified is the popularity of plant-based diets.

Step 1: Brainstorm specific words that describe trends in the plant-based foods industry.  Possible terms include:

plant based food
vegan diet
vegetarian diet
meat alternative

Step 2: Think of ways to pair at least two of your words together to create a search that will give you good results.  Here are a few examples:

restaurants AND plant-based food
restaurants AND vegan diet
restaurants AND meat alternative AND environment

Step 3: Watch the video about searching a library database.

NOTE:  As of Tuesday, January 31, the library homepage has a new design so it will not look the same as in the video. Rather than scrolling to a link (as in the video), click on the Database box. 

Step 4: Go to the library database,  ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry or ProQuest and use at least two of your words to create an effective search.