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MLA 8/9 Citation Guide: Guidelines & Tips

General guidelines

► Sources are cited on a separate page at the end of the document, with the title, Works Cited, centered at the top of the page.

► Entries are alphabetized by the first letter of the entry.

► Author's name is last name, first name. With two authors: Last name, first name, and first name, last name. With more than two authors: last name, first name, et al. (et al. means 'and others'). See examples.

► In-text citations are last name (or title in quotation marks if there is no author) and page number (if there is one)

► There can be more than one correct way to cite a specific source - focus on what your reader needs to know in order to find it

NOTE: The date of access is an optional element. If your instructor wants you to include it, place it at the end of the citation.  E.g.: Accessed 22 Sept. 2019.

It's fine to use a cite generator but....

A cite generate is a quick and easy tool to help you set up a citation. However, none of these tools are perfect. (Yes, even ones from a library database make mistakes!)  The best strategy when using a cite generator is to review the citation to ensure it is accurate. You can use examples in this guide, the MLA Handbook, MLA Study Center or Owl at Purdue to double check the results and make the necessary corrections.

Common mistakes include:

►Titles are in all caps.

► Titles are not italicized.

► Information is missing.