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MLA 8/9 Citation Guide: Images: Photographs, Paintings

Image citation

Photograph viewed online

Liebowitz, Annie. Monument Valley. 1993. Brooklyn Museum,

Painting viewed in a book

Chagall, Marc. The Fiddler. 1912. Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Marc Chagall, edited by Werner Haftmann, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1972, Colorplate 12.

Painting viewed in person

Lawrence, Jacob. Peace. 1956, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle.

Using an image

If the image you use is discussed within your paper or presentation, the image should have a caption. The caption is similar to an in-text reference and provides the information needed to lead your audience to the entry on your works cited list. Label the image with an abbreviation of 'Figure:' (Fig.) followed by a number and a title.

Below is an example of captioning a photograph, with the full citation in the "Image citation" box.

Fig 1. Liebowitz, Annie, Monument Valley, 1993.