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HIST041 Civil Rights Resources: Finding Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Find articles from magazines, newspapers and journals

Search for articles in magazines, newspapers or journals in the databases listed here.  Most are written from a United States perspective but they do cover international/global issues and event. 


Current Edmonds CC students, faculty and staff can access these databases from off-campus with proper identification.

1. Go to the Edmonds CC Library website
2. Click on the link for "Online Library Resources"
3. Click on the link for the database you wish to use (ProQuest, etc.)
4. A blue page will appear asking for your last and your student ID number.

Fill these in as such:

EdCC  ID#:                            [your student/staff ID number]
LAST NAME:                        [your full last name]

EdCC ID#:                             955999999
LAST NAME:                        Smith