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SHS 100 College Success Library Tutorial

Triton ID Required

Triton ID Activation REQUIRED to complete this tutorial. Triton ID is the part before the in your new student email, example: s.student1234. This is separate from your ctcLink account. Full instructions for activation are in this video or these step-by-step instructions. If you are unable to activate your Triton ID account, please create a help ticket with IT Support and they will assist.

NOTE: The temporary password is part of the activation process and must be used to create your own permanent, self-selected password. You will NOT be able to access library resources with the temporary password.



This tutorial is created to help you learn how to find and evaluate the information you will need in your courses as well as for life-long learning. 

Use the Next button to go to the next section of the tutorial. If you want to review a unit, use the Previous button.