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SHS 100 College Success Library Tutorial


Edmonds College Library has a powerful and valuable database called ProQuest which can connect you with millions of articles that you would otherwise have to pay for. Learning to search ProQuest effectively will help you in all your future courses and save you time and effort.

1. WATCH: Learn how to use it to find relevant newspaper and magazine articles.

Why does it matter?

2. SEARCH: Use the ProQuest database to do a search of the keywords "homelessness, youth, academic success" and see the articles that are retrieved on the topic.  (You will need to enter your Triton ID and Canvas password after you click on the ProQuest link, and the database will open in another window.)

Scan the list of articles and see how many of them are about the topic. Click on an article of interest to you. Notice that in the upper left, you can If you email it to yourself or print it if you ever wanted to use it in your future research.