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Edmonds College Library Website

To access the databases from off campus

Current Edmonds College students, faculty and staff can access these databases from off-campus using their Triton ID.

1. Go to the Edmonds College Library website

2. Under Library Resources, click on the Books, eBooks, Articles & Films link and search alphabetically or by subject for the database you wish to use (ProQuest, etc.)

3. Click on the name of the database and a login page will appear asking for your Triton ID and password (see example below). Faculty and Staff - Please login using your campus credentials (firstname.lastname/password; please note that some faculty and staff may have a network username that's 8 characters long, typically first initial and 7 characters of their last name).

Triton ID example s.student1234 and password

Having trouble getting into the databases from off campus?

If you are a current Edmonds College student or employee and cannot access one or more of the Library's databases from off-campus, try these troubleshooting tips for possible solutions:

1. Links: Make sure you are using the direct links from the Library website (don't use bookmarks or copy/pasted URLs).

2. Current students only: You must be a currently enrolled student to access Library Databases. If you are on a waitlist or it is in-between quarters, you may not be able to access until the quarter has started and you have a class on your schedule.

3. Reset Password: If you have entered your Triton ID and password correctly and still cannot access the Library Databases, please reset your Triton ID password

4. Firewall: Check firewall settings. Your firewall or other anti-virus systems must be set to allow the databases access to your computer. 

5. Cookies: Make sure that your browser is set to accept cookies. Use the Help section of your browser or search the internet for instructions for the browser you are using. After checking this setting, clear your history and cache, close your browser, and then attempt to log in again.

6. Get Help: If none of these troubleshooting options work for you, please let us know by using the Submit a Question form and a Librarian will get back to you.