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When scanning, copying, and posting published material, it is important to comply with Copyright legislation. The following are general guidelines to follow when duplicating and posting copyrighted materials for classroom use:

  • Always include a notice that the materials are protected by copyright.
  • Copy, scan, and post only the portions needed for the particular instructional session or assignment; a general guideline is no more than one article from a journal or one chapter from a book.
  • Scanned materials should be available on your password protected Canvas class site, accessible only to students registered in your class.
  • Scanned materials should be made available only for the period of time that is relevant to the context of the class session.
  • Post a limited portion of an electronic textbook to your Canvas classroom. Consult with the textbook publisher’s License or Terms of Use Agreement to ensure compliance. Always include a notice to your students that the posted material is protected by copyright.
  • Duplicating works intended to be “consumable” does not meet copyright fair use criteria and these materials should not be copied or scanned. Consumable materials include workbooks, exercises, standardized tests, test booklets and answer sheets, and similar consumable material.
  • Whenever possible, provide links to articles or electronic resources available on the internet or from a library database rather than copying, scanning, or posting the full article to your Canvas class site.