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Information Literacy

Information Literacy is at the heart of all we do.  Defined as "the ability to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information" (ACRL) - it forms the basis for lifelong learning.  As librarians and instructors, we are eager to partner with you to incorporate Information Literacy into your curricula.

For more, go to our Information Literacy Resource Guide.

Library Instruction

Scheduling a Session with a Librarian

Beginning the second week of each academic quarter, library instruction sessions are taught by library faculty at the request of faculty members who would like their students to gain knowledge about library services, library research systems and Information Literacy skills

To schedule a library instruction session, contact the librarian who is the liaison for your division.  Please schedule your sessions at least one week in advance. 

Your attendance and participation as the requesting faculty member is integral to the success of your students’ learning experience within the context of your course. Therefore, your attendance at, and participation in, the library instruction session is necessary.

What makes a successful session for your students?

Library instruction sessions are most successful as a collaboration between library and instructor in which:

  • Students have an assignment that requires them to use the Library which they have been given in advance of the instruction session
  • Class time is given to topic formulation and contextual understanding of the assignment before students come to the Library to learn about information resources
  • Grades are given for attendance and/or the research process as well as for the final product
  • Instructors attend all sessions and show enthusiasm for the instruction session and the exciting information possibilities the Library has to offer
  • Librarians have discussed the assignment with the instructor and have been given time to think about class needs and plan an appropriate instructional session

Using the Library Classroom

The library classroom is available to faculty for instruction and research with their class, both with and without a librarian.  (See Use of the Library Classroom Guidelines.) 

To schedule a time to use the classroom, contact your library liaison.